Fundraising Tips

This year we are asking every registered walker to CHALLENGE themselves by asking 10 friends for $10 and raising at least $100 each!  Read these tips to learn how to reach your fundraising potential.

Tip 1: Set A Goal

Base your goal on how much you want to raise to support Hope & Heroes and what fundraising incentive you would like to earn. Challenge yourself…you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it is easier and more rewarding than you first thought!

Tip 2: Use Your Personal Fundraising Page
Once you register, you will automatically be sent an email which will link you to your online fundraising page. This tool is a great way to ask your family, friends & colleagues to support you by sharing your personal story on why you are involved with the Hope & Heroes Walk. You can personalize your page by adding text and pictures - even videos and blog posts. Once you are ready, you can share it via email with everyone you know. If you're already registered, login to your Participant Center to get started.

Tip 3: Write A Letter 
Letters are another great way to raise funds and let everyone know that you are walking. Be sure to include a return envelope if you mail it! Include a flyer with your letter and ask friends, family, colleagues and local business to display it!

Tip 4: Go Social
Share your participation in the Walk - along with a link to your Personal Fundraising Page - on Facebook and the other social networks you engage with. Tell your friends what you're doing for Hope & Heroes - and why. Also, remember to stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out about contests, news, and more!

Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask! 
Your family members, friends and co-workers will want to support your efforts so don’t hesitate to give them the opportunity to help. See below for a great in-person fundraising plan and start online today or click here to download a donation form.

Raise $100 in just five days! Here’s a step by step guide to reaching your goal in less than a week!


Day 1                            Sponsor yourself                                 $25

Day 2          Ask 5 Family Members/Friends for $5 each          $25

Day 3                     Ask 5 Co-workers for $5 each                   $25

Day 4              Secure $15 from businesses you frequent       $15

Day 5                Ask your Boss to support your efforts             $10

Your Grand Total                                                                    $100

Then don’t stop there—continue to ask others toward your next goal!

Need More Help?

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