Communication Tips

You’ve registered for the Walk. Your personal fundraising page is personalized and ready to go. So what’s next? It’s time to spread the word and tell everyone you know about the Walk! Share your “why” via e­mail, social media, and word of mouth. Ask friends to share it with their friends: the signal boost will reach a multitude of people, and even if a small percentage of them give, you’ll make strides closer to your goal.

TIP: Download our Memory Jogger – a super easy tool to help you create a list of contacts!

Here are a few more ways to get your outreach underway:

Go Social: Share your participation in the Walk - along with a link to your Personal Fundraising Page - on your social media channels. Tell your friends & followers what you're doing for Hope & Heroes and encourage them to donate. Need more help? Try our Social Media Tip Sheet

Remember to follow our social media accounts (FacebookTwitter & Instagram) to find out about contests, get Walk updates, and more!

Market Yourself (and Your Team): Reach out to the Hope & Heroes Walk Staff for a customized Walk Team Poster, which includes your team name prominently displayed and a customized URL.

We also have Walk postcards and posters which are perfect for distributing to your neighborhood stores or businesses, local library or recreation center. Place them on or near your local community bulletin board. Give them to neighbors, friends, and supporters who want to learn more about the event. Email us and let us know how many you need!

Talk About It: Fundraising isn't just online  - it can be a part of the conversations you have every day with family, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, etc. You may be surprised at how many people will want to support your efforts if you give them a chance. 

Write Your Message: Letters are a great way to raise funds and let everyone know that you are walking. Letters can also be used for more than mailing - you can post them on message boards, drop them in a neighbor's mailbox or even carry them with you to share with people you meet.

As a bonus, you can turn your letter into an email! Copy, paste and send to your list of contacts. If you are a returning walker or returning team captain, include a photo from last year's walk and mention the amount of money you and/or your team raised. Download our sample letter for ideas.