12th Annual Hope & Heroes Walk

Team Ben



Dan and Sally are WALKING AGAIN!  Won't you join us?

Saturday, September 10th - ceremonies start at 10:45am - walk starts at 11:00am - Registration opens as early as 9:30am

Location: Pier 16: South Street Seaport.  

Sally and I are walking again at the Walk in New York for Hope & Heroes and are recruiting a TEAM BEN group for Saturday, September 10, 2022.  Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tear, we think of Ben every day.  It's our eighth time on the walk and can't believe it's been eleven years now since now we last had Ben in our lives.  Each year we love to get together, raise money for a wonderful cause, remember his engaging smile and spirit, and tell stories we remember about our beloved Benjamin Zweig.  Bring a story, bring a smile, and come join us.

Our team of family members, friends, school friends of Ben, and medical staff from Columbia University Medical Center all had a joyous day last year and we look forward to seeing even more of Ben's friends and family this year on September 10.  It’s a new year, a time of remembrance, and always a special event for us.

So once again, we are pulling together TEAM BEN for September 10th to raise money for this foundation which so helped him. Please join us in the walk. We would love to see you.  Anyone can contribute to this effort. Any support is appreciated but not required. The Walk is a mile long, held here in Manhattan, so anyone local can just register to Walk only, seek his/her own friends to walk, and/or contribute. And if you are not local, we would again be so glad to be in your thoughts and have your support.  Hope & Heroes sponsors research and clinical care at Columbia University Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.  We are grateful for the important part Hope & Heroes played in Ben's fight for life. Click the Join Now button to join TEAM BEN or the Donate button to contribute.

Hope and Heroes background:

Hope & Heroes provided access to a cutting-edge cancer research study which put Ben's difficult-to-treat leukemia into remission.  Without it, the treatment which successfully got Ben to remission wouldn't have been available.  It got Ben an extra year of life, we wish it had been more; but we treasure every moment we had.

Hope & Heroes is also the primary funding source for the hospital's Integrative Therapies program which includes art therapy, acupuncture, meditation, therapeutic massage, music therapy, video, and active video games.  All these helped Ben deal with the difficult effects of cancer treatment and were as important to Ben's successful oncology treatment as the cancer protocols themselves.  Integrated therapies are crucial to help the children get through cancer treatment, and though absolutely necessary for success, they are beyond what insurance will pay hospitals to provide.

 Please consider supporting Hope & Heroes by making a donation today.  Your gift is tax-deductible and will truly make a difference in the lives of children who truly need your help. Thank you for your generosity. 

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