Hope & Heroes Annual Walk

Team Ben


Sunday, May 19 - walk starts at 10:00am - 

Come join us and celebrate Ben's life with us.

Come join us and support giving help to the children fighting Leukemia and to finding a cure.

Registration opens as early as 9:00am.  Come early for bananas, bagels, and coffee.  Lots of other snacks later during the day.

Location: NEW! - Pier 62/63: In the park by Chelsea Piers - enter at West 23 St and Hudson River –

Please give as generously as you can - and consider joining our team and walking with us. The Walk takes place at beautiful Pier 62/63 is an inspiring and fun day for the whole family.

Benjamin Zweig - Mayor of Tower 5

Benjamin was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in May of 2010. Hope & Heroes research and integrated therapies played such an important part in Ben's fight for life.

Hope & Heroes provided access to a cutting-edge cancer research study which put Ben's difficult-to-treat leukemia into remission. Without their support, the treatment which successfully got Ben to remission wouldn't have been available.

Hope & Heroes is also the primary funding source for the hospital's integrated therapies program which includes art therapy, acupuncture, meditation, therapeutic massage, music therapy, video, and active video games. All these helped Ben deal with the difficult effects of cancer treatment and were as important to Ben's successful oncology treatment as the cancer protocols themselves. Integrated therapies are crucial to help the children get through cancer treatment, and though absolutely necessary for successful treatment, they are beyond what insurance will pay hospitals to provide.

So we are gathering together TEAM BEN for May 19th, to remember Ben and raise money for this foundation which so helped him. Anyone can contribute to this effort. Any support is appreciated. The Walk is a mile long, held here in Manhattan, so anyone local can just come to Walk only, seek his/her own friends to walk, and/or contribute. And if you are not local or not available on May 19th, we would be so glad to be in your thoughts and have your support.

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