Hope & Heroes Annual Walk

Team BBB (Bald is Bold and Beautiful)

November 2nd, 2009.

There's a day I'll never forget.

I was coiled up on the couch, watching  He's Just Not That Into You, trying to keep bloody phlegm from spewing out my mouth. Phone rang. Parents came into the room. Somber faces, piece of paper in hand.

The paper read "Lymphoma" and below it, the word "CANCER" practically written in a screaming tone. I was dying and we had to leave for Columbia Presbyterian TONIGHT.

I called poker face immediately. How could me, a 17-year-old HEALTHY young girl applying to colleges have CANCER?! 

That's when my journey began. Not just the typical cancer stuff. You know, the icky cocktail of [I'd skip this part if I were you] prickly needles, surgery, chemo, shots, drugs, blood transfusions, vomiting, coughing, crying, screaming of pain, losing hair, readjusting, forced into homeschooling, oversleeping, under sleeping, laughing, confusion, wild dreams, no dreams, loopy drugged vibes, being the "sick girl", delirium, anger, boredom, trying, helplessness, hopelessness, surrender, acceptance. 

It was also the beginning of my beautiful journey walking alongside Hope & Heroes' fight to stand up to children's cancer and make a hell of a story out of it.

Through Hope & Heroes, not only did I meet amazing people and receive important benefits to help me through the cancer pains (massage therapy, writing therapy, laughing, community support, information access, the list goes on), but I was given a whole new purpose in life. 

Actually scratch that - we all have a purpose. Hope & Heroes showed me mine.

Being a cancer patient...being sick, being bald, being forced to change my life’s direction... that all turned into being brave, being persistent, and being an all round badass woman. Being bald, bold, and beautiful.

Listen people, here I am, 9 years later. 9 years cancer free. 9 years of kicking cancer in the butt. 

I'm SO excited to finally be back in New York and able to walk at our annual walk-a-ton. Please come support the cause by joining the SLS team and walking with me, or donating even $1 so that Hope & Heroes can continue to help and support the past, current, and future paediatric patients that will walk into the Great Wall of Cancer.

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