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Happy Sheftember!

Baby Shef: Sailor suit and big dreams with my sister
Baby Shef: Sailor suit and big dreams with my sister

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Happy Shef-tember everyone! It's the best tember of the year!

For the last five years I've decided to use my birthday as a way to raise money for worthy causes. I have enough gifts and gadgets in my life - a better feeling is knowing that the money my friends and family spend on birthday gifts for me goes to a good cause. And it's been fun researching various causes and charities around the world. (Side note: I do still love chocolate you know...there's that)

This year I came across this wonderful cause: Hope & Heroes Children's Cancer Fund is a organization that works out of Columbia University's Medical Center. It helps fund the research behind childhood cancer treatments. According to their website, "Every year more than 260,000 children globally are diagnosed with cancer. Many of these cancers affect only children, and common adult cancers usually affect children very differently. Yet the vast majority of financing for research targets adult cancers, leaving childhood cancer research grossly underfunded."

I like the idea of stopping cancer in its tracks by helping to fund the science and research needed to make sure that no child has to suffer through cancer and blood diseases. I'm turning 31 this year, and that's something a few doctors told my family wasn't going to happen. So I'm always eternally grateful to medical professionals who strive to find treatments that will benefit children's health.

I have the biggest soft spot for children. I'm the weirdo at the mall coo-ing at the chubby face of a 5-year-old or making strange noises at your baby. (Sorry about that, maybe you shouldn't have had such a cute kid, you didn't think about that did you?) Perhaps that's because I'm just a very large child myself or perhaps that is because I really value the fact that these chubby faces are going to be our future presidents, disease-curers, residents of Mars. And the idea that could all be taken away from something so innocent by something so dumb as cancer is a pretty gut-wrenching thought. So if there is anything we can do to help prevent this, I'm all for it.

So all I ask for my birthday is:

-skip out on a morning latte and donate $5 to this fundraising page 

-don't go see that Snowden movie (I heard it sucks) and spend that movie ticket money on this instead

-don't get take out and look all sad and pathetic in front of your Netflix, just make a sandwich and donate money to this (but for real, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is amazing)

-don't buy me a drink on my birthday instead spend your $6 on this instead (I'm a grown-ass woman I can buy my own dranks)


PS. I did research this organization on Charity Navigator- a great place to find highly rated and all the financial info about every charity out there. Hope & Heroes has a 4-star rating and more than 94% of the money they get from donations actually goes to their research (aka what they are actually meant to do) rather than admin costs. That's why I've chosen this organization. But you can check out Charity Navigator here:

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